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  • Addys
    ADG brings home 8 more pieces of heavy metal. It’s Deja vu all over again.
  • Creative on Tap
    ADG is voted a Baltimore Best Place to Work—again. Why aren’t you here?
  • IRAD
    Innovation: it’s who we are. ADG is building bridges between tools and the big data we need.
  • Keepr
    Rare footage, unique experience and one unforgettable product.
  • Kiddie
    ADG helps Kiddie Academy launch a web strategy for its national franchises.

Stick to your guns.
Learn from the research.
Trust your gut.
Make people act.

ADG tells stories that change markets, minds, and behaviors. We do this through Strategy & Branding, Learning & Gaming, Interactive Design & Software Development. (Yes, even our software tells a story.) The art of storytelling transcends. And if done well, people remember… and share them over and over again.

Got a tale to tell? It’s time to Be Heard.

& Strategy

    • Customer Service Experts

      The right mark can say a lot. And simple speaks volumes when it aligns with a business' principles.

      Customer Service Experts provides simple, sage advice to business on how to improve dialogue with customers. The result, if done right, is that the bilateral speak is greater than the sum of its parts.

    • Customer Service Experts' web site is a reflection of who they are. The organization's leadership team is bright, energetic and way out in front of their competitors. With this in mind, ADG concepted, developed and brought to life a site for CSE that makes the rest of the industry look like morticians.
    • If you've got a business card, you've got a business—right? You and 50 million others. ADG established a collateral system for CSE that made their brand and presence known just by the act of exchanging cards or sending a letter. We just tried to bottle the bigger-than-life persona of this dynamic organization in their collateral. It demanded bright colors, unique forms, and memorable big type to match their style.
    • ADG came up with CSE's tagline, “Every Connection Counts,” which was shortened to as eC2. Now, eC2 is shorthand for what makes CSE tick. Their efforts to help service organizations connect with partners and consumers are driving the industry toward better service. We're proud to be connected to their brand origin!
    • St. Boniface

      St. Boniface Beer gets new halo above it's heavenly brews with ADG's new brand mark.

      Classic. Crisp. And less filling. That's just the kinda' logo work we do.

    • Simple packaging is reminiscent of simpler times when it was all about taste. The wrap-around label also doubles as an awesome bumper sticker.
    • By the time you've tasted the 5th hoppy offer—it gets hard to remember which one you liked best! Tasting cards have become a huge hit among lovers of the St. Boni.
    • Wearing a beer after a brand new waitress spills all over you is a drag. Wear the brand is a matter of pride. Sporting St. Boniface apparel not only shows good taste in lager—it clearly identifies you as a fashion mogul as well.
    • What you say about your brand is what you become. This series of ads really does show that St. Boniface answers to a higher call.
    • Beer clients are beer drinkers. So we created a way for them to remember their names after over indulging in their products.
    • Freedom Consulting Group

      a fresher, geek-ier, chic-ier brand

      ADG brought a new brand to Freedom Consulting Group's recruitment efforts. The new mark spoke instantly to a cool-cat technical audience that fancies themselves “the new black.”

    • What techie wouldn't love nerd bubble gum cards? ADG's campaign cried “viva la Geek” as we helped celebrate the wonderful quirkiness of those who make the digital world around us hum.
    • Wanna' learn about Geek Opportunities? To the internet! ADG's web recruitment campaign for Freedom let visitors “meet the Geeks,” generate their Geek name, see why Freedom Consulting is different and bask in their own personal geekiness.
    • Old enough to remember that famous Farah Fawcette poster? Yeah…we didn't think so. But no need—the Geek Is Chic poster campaign plastered saucy technologist all over college campuses and recruitment centers. The results? A vocational love connection for Freedom and job seekers.
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& Gaming

    • CareOne Debt Relief Services

      What happens when you give people a fun and easy way to learn the fundamentals of personal finance?

      They get smarter. And wealthier. That's what MōDō is all about; more dollars…more sense.

      In this virtual learning world, MōDō's trainers know that managing your finances is serious business; but they keep it fun by offering “virtual video mentors” to walk you through your lessons and on to financial success.

      Pick a mentor and start learning. There's our Fitness Guru, Cool Dude, Green Chic and ol' Coach. Choose the one that's right for you—they'll let you know how you're doing and make sure you walk away with more dollars and more sense.

    • Deep Access

      Our nation's military analysts participate in a diverse set of training to enhance their performance

      —mission training, compliance training, training on systems and tools. As a capstone learning experience, analysts must apply everything they've learned in one final, critical mission called Deep Access.

      It's a fictional world of international politics, global commerce, vital missions, and persons of interest—both friend and foe. Deep Access is as real as it gets for analysts learning to track the bad guy.

      The clock is ticking and the mission depends on you. More than a progressive approach to the final exam, Deep Access is a serious game for serious learning, taking home one of the most prestigious industry-focused design awards for multimedia engagement.

    • T.A.R.P.

      Threat Awareness Reporting Program

      ADG partnered with the U.S. Army to train over a million troops in upping their vigilance. ADG's instructional systems design team, researchers, writers, art directors, producers, film makers, and software engineers worked together to develop a dynamic and interactive piece of courseware that included exercises, videos, history timelines, decision trees, and lessons—all programmed to synch with a sophisticated Learning Management System.

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    • AscendOne | StartingLine

      Maintaining a strong corporate culture is a challenge for every business.

      When most of your workforce is remote, it can feel impossible. Preparing new hires up front the virtual workplace goes a long way towards making it happen.

      Starting Line an on-boarding tool that guides employees through a serious of activities in preparation for Day 1 of employment.

      Starting Line's results? Dramatically improved employee retention, while providing new employees with a sense belonging from the start

    • DVS: Data Visualization Services.

      ADG worked with TD, one of the world's largest enterprise technology providers,

      to concept, design, and develop a pseudo operating system built on common platform architectures. ADG's DVS product enables disparate data from servers across the globe to be accessed, dynamically delivering visually rich information to hundreds of thousands of users simultaneously.

      ADG's technologists partnered with TD's to assure data integrity, security, and accessibility for users to interact with information, display it real-time, and collaborate with others through the DVS.

    • A strength of the DVS is ADG's implementation of services directly into the platform itself. ADG established UI standards, a Developer Tool Kit (DTK,) a Dynamic App Builder (DAB,) and an in-line Widget Shopping Center (WSC) to assure that subscribers could access exiting widgets and author new capabilities as needed.
    • IDP: the Information Dissemination Platform.

      ADG worked with SAS, to design the User Experience around its Information Dissemination Platform (IDP)

      —an alerting system that delivers information directly to smart phones, tablets and computers via text message, email, and MMS.

      ADG's simple presentation of user options encouraged adoption through ease of use, making their personal and business communications more effective and truly integrated.

      ADG's video for IDP convinced corporate decision makers within the DoD to consider new ways of communicating across services and across the globe. The capabilities video is nice…but the outtakes are even better. Enjoy.

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  • Apple
  • US Army
  • AscendOne
  • St. Boniface
  • Ciena
  • CSE - Customer Service Experts
  • Discovery Channel
  • US Department of Defense
  • Freedom Consulting Group
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • NFL
  • Lockheed Martin
  • National Cryptologic Museum Foundation
  • Nickelodeon
  • Proteus Technologies
  • SafeNet
  • TEKsystems
  • T.Rowe Price


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    Washington Post columnist Tom Kavanagh gives insight into ADG Creative. Work, happy hours, team breakfasts — it's all in here.

  • StreetCorner: ADG's take on content marketing.

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ADG Creative Reel

When you’re a strategic communications firm with a list of clients that ranges from tech and startup to three-letter government agencies that shall not be named, you get your hands pretty dirty in a year. We’ve crammed our favorite bits into significantly less time than that.


Call it capabilities, call it services, call it our menu. These are the ingredients we use when cooking up digital dishes
for our clients. If you can’t take the heat…

& Strategy

Brand Positioning, Strategy, and Marketing Plans


Web Design, App Development, and UI/UX

Motion, 3D
& Simulation

Video Storytelling, Motion, and Animation

& Gamification

Software Development, Serious Gaming, and Microlearning


PR Strategy, Media Engagement, Development, and Management


Digital, Print, Interactive, Infographics, and Data Visualization


Campaigns, Blogging, Video, SEO/SEM, and Social Media


Installations, Displays, and Brand Experience

In The Press

ADG Creative Brings Home Three Gold’s from the 2016 Baltimore ADDYs

Agency Recognized for Gumbo & Mistletoe Campaign

COLUMBIA, MD (March 17, 2016)

ADG Creative, a Maryland branding and marketing agency, won three ADDY® Awards from the American Advertising Federation of Baltimore (AAFB) for its work on the 2015 Gumbo & Mistletoe campaign.

“Gumbo is often used as a metaphor for the mix of cultures that exist in southern Louisiana, an environment in which various influences meld with one another to create new traditions and cuisine,” said Jeff Antkowiak, ADG’s founder and Chief Creative Officer. “This community-driven collaboration is at the root of our Gumbo & Mistletoe campaign, and what ADG stands for as a whole.”

ADG Creative received three Gold ADDY® Awards for its Gumbo & Mistletoe campaign in multiple categories, including:

  • Self-Promo Collateral Direct Marketing & Specialty Advertising
  • Self-Promo Collateral Special Events Materials
  • Self-Promo Integrated Campaign

The Annual ADDY® Awards ceremony was held at the Baltimore Museum of Industry on March 10, 2016. Gold ADDY® winners automatically move on to the District level.

For more information about the Baltimore ADDY® awards, visit: www.baltimoreaddys.com

ADG Creative Adds Three New Clients

Strategic communications firm begins work with Hord Coplan Macht, ProObject, and GableSigns

COLUMBIA, MD (February 25, 2016)

ADG Creative has been engaged to provide branding, strategic planning, and website design services for three new clients.

Hord Coplan Macht is a 200-person architecture firm with offices in Baltimore, Denver and Alexandria, VA. ADG will be providing website design and content marketing services to support the firm’s continued growth.

ProObject is a woman-owned professional services firm in Hanover, MD that develops cybersecurity, mobility, and cloud-based solutions for the U.S. Intelligence Community. ADG will be providing website design services for the company, with a focus on showcasing new technology initiatives and company accolades.

GableSigns, based in Baltimore, MD., is a custom architectural sign design, fabrication, and installation company. ADG will be providing strategic planning, branding, and design services for Gable to support the company’s continued expansion into digital display and lighting solutions.

“With these new projects, ADG has the opportunity to expand our portfolio in familiar industries as well as expand our content marketing offering into new verticals,” said Chief Creative Officer Jeff Antkowiak. “We look forward to creating great work for these brands that will ensure they’re heard in their markets.”

ADG Creative Continues to Expand with Three New Hires

Agency grows its design, strategy and motion teams

COLUMBIA, MD (February 25, 2016)

ADG Creative has added three new Creatives to its strategy, design and motion teams. Continuing the focus on the agency’s vision of delivering strategy, design, and technology solutions that transform the way ADG’s clients engage and persuade audiences, the newest additions to the team of 65+ include:

Adam Bedell, Art Director

Adam joins ADG’s design team as Art Director where he’ll support various federal projects from a creative and design perspective. 

Shannon Lee, Associate Strategist

Shannon joins the agency as an Associate Strategist and will help support the firms’ federal clients and strategic communications projects.

Evan Lazoff, Video Production Intern

The newest member to the motion team, Evan joins ADG as a Video Production Intern where he will support a variety of ADG’s video projects with planning, filming, and editing support.  

Over the last two years ADG Creative has continued to grow its team as it expands creative products and offerings to deliver the kinds of creative work that move the needle for clients. “We’re thrilled to welcome our latest Creatives,” said Chief Creative Officer Jeff Antkowiak. “Their separate experiences and drive is what we rely on to constantly improve and expand what we do for our clients.”

ADG Creative Announces Promotions

Creative agency names new Strategists and Directors

COLUMBIA, MD (February 23, 2016)

ADG Creative has announced a number of promotions within the agency as it continues to focus on delivering bigger, better, and more integrated strategic communications solutions its clients and their brands. These changes not only demonstrate ADG’s commitment to career advancement, but also strengthen the agency’s vision as a place for collaborative and innovative creative work.

Christina Halverson and Jeff Kasakitis, Senior Strategists

Christina and Jeff will serve in expanded leadership roles within their respective lines of business, directly supporting ADG’s Vice Presidents of Federal Strategy in growing their verticals.

Linda Rochelle, Mary Wilcox and Todd Fidelman, Creative Directors

Linda, Mary, and Todd have been promoted to Creative Directors. All three leaders will align with one of ADG’s Vice Presidents of Strategy with full responsibility for the quality and effectiveness of ADG’s creative solutions.

Kathe Flynn, Art Director

Kathe has been promoted to Art Director, expanding her role and contributions to ADG’s clients, mission, and vision.

ADG Creative continues to expand its 65+ person workforce while also expanding its offerings to clients. “Our Creatives are second to none when it comes to delivering solutions for our clients,” said Founder and Chief Creative Officer Jeff Antkowiak. “I’m privileged to lead such a smart, dedicated, and talented group of professionals who all have a hand in telling our clients’ stories in meaningful and memorable ways.” 

  • Stay in the Know

    Here’s your opportunity to see what comes out when we squeeze one of our creatives really hard. Visit our blog and read our inner thoughts.

  • PR Case Study: IKEA vs. The People

    Take an insanely popular IKEA fan site, add a cease a desist letter and multiply by truckloads of angry social media posts and you've got a fantastic PR case study.

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